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These days you can walk into any local grocery store and have the opportunity to browse rows and rows of crafted wines from all over the globe. With so many options and to choose from catering to nearly every palate, do you ever wonder which wines are the best? Every year it’s been a tradition for Wine Spectator to release its top 100 wine list, since the year 1988. Editors and wine critics select the most exciting and well review wines from all over the world. The 2015 Top 100 showcases how much the wine world has changed since its birth in 1988.

In the first year of Wine Spectator’s top 100, the top 10 wines counted three Bordeauxs, four Burgundies, two Italian Reds and one California Cabernet. Now, nearly three decades later, remarkable wine from all over the world compete for the wine lover’s choice. We can’t help but notice it is a great time to be a wine connoisseur with the extensive array of wines that grace our vineyards across the lands.

The wines the editors found to be the most intriguing in 2015 is an attractive and diverse group of emerging labels and various regions to traditional estates and all the developing excitement called the “X-factor.” The selection also warrants the quality (based on score), value (based on price) and availability (based on the number of cases either imported or exported into the United States). Nearly 6,000 wines that were rated outstanding were put to the test to compose the Wine Spectators Top 100 of 2015. Overall, the averages were very comparable to the 2014 of score and price. With an average of 93 points to the $47, a great quality to price ratio.

Several wines on the list were made in limited quantities. The list reflects the producers and their wines. Coming in first place is ‘Au Paradis’ by Peter Micheal’s Winery, followed by Quilceda Creeks Cabernet Sauvignon, Evening Land’s Pinot Noir and Il Poggione by Brunello Di Montalcino.

These fines wines topped the 2015 excitement. We can’t help but enjoy and appreciate the passion behind winemaking, just as much as we enjoy sharing our favorite wines with great company over great conversation.

At Fainting Goat Cellars, we want to inspire your passion and love for wine. We enjoy visiting award winning wineries in the Napa and Texas markets to experience fine wines and recommend to our customers. Décor and wine storage with various concepts in cellar design is shared with us at Fainting Goat to help store your wine brought home from these fine wineries.

Stayed tuned for featured wineries we love!