When it comes to wine, everything about it is an art. From the making of the wine to the packaging of it and even to the displaying of it, your wine collection needs to reflect the style and personality of your space.

Collecting bottles overtime will undoubtedly take up quite a bit of space and will leave you with a pretty great problem: what do you do with your now massive collection? Before you start just storing bottles in the nearest closet, you’re going to want to know more about the numerous methods of storing, racking, and displaying your wine. Our seasoned team at Fainting Goat Wine Cellars suggests going the custom route and having a beautiful wine cellar designed and installed to fit perfectly in your home or space.

Whether your collection is small or large, your wine cellar and display case needs to show off your personal style and flair. Our team specializes in building custom and unique wine cellars that are guaranteed to transfigure your home or space into a wine enthusiast’s dream.

From the sparse and modern to the custom and traditional, knowing which type of custom wine cellar belongs in your house will help transform the displaying and storing of your wine into a true art. Two of the more popular types of types of wine cellars include traditional and modern.

A traditional wine cellar has in interior design and furniture design that incorporates some of the most sought after woods in the industry including: Solid Walnut, Redwood, Mahogany, Oak, or Imported European Beech, to name just a few. Fainting Goat Wine Cellars will craft your traditional style custom wine cellar out and will work with the best suppliers in the industry to create a traditional cellar including materials such as brick, natural stone, tile, and wood floors, barreled ceilings, stone columns, and even rolling ladders. Our passion is to not just provide the finest wine racks, but to create a custom wine room environment that will make your wine room stand out as the centerpiece of your space.

A modern wine cellar, on the other hand, incorporates more glass and stainless steel elements than that of a traditional wine cellar, which utilizes more wooden and handcrafted materials. To put it in perspective, a modern wine cellar would go into a modern home. If your home is more traditional and, even rustic, then a traditional wine cellar is for you.

Some wine cellars, however, can be neither traditional nor modern, but will be somewhat transitional. Moreover, these wine cellars can serve as an extension of your home. It’s not meant to look old or ultramodern — rather, it’s constructed to fit the needs of the collector and follows design cues from the rest of your space.

When you are planning on adding a wine cellar as part of a larger renovation, using custom-built materials for storage can be a great way to create consistency throughout your home — especially if you are following a theme. Details like matching the wood species, stains and styles of the cabinetry give the entire space a planned and cohesive feel.

If you have a specific look for your wine cellar in mind, our expert team of contractors and designers strongly encourage investing in a custom-built space. The goal of Fainting Goat Wine Cellars goal is to build you something completely unique that fits the style and feel of your space. Call us today at (940) 395-9357 for a consultation!