Dallas-Ft Worth Custom Wine Cellars and Designs 

Refrigerated storage of wine in Texas homes is a new concept but is easily acquired through the conversion of any existing area in the home so that a personal collection can be enjoyed at any time. Our years of experience in installing and servicing multiple types of refrigeration storage comes from our past work in the commercial refrigeration industry, making Fainting Goat Wine Cellars and Designs the best choice for your wine cellar installation needs.

Fainting Goat’s extensive connections to the Napa Valley, as well as wineries from around the world, will allow us to pick the perfect options for your wine storage and design ideas for the special area you will store your wine collections. We believe that no space is too small, or too big, to transform into the perfect setting to enjoy a fine wine or casual glass with friends. Contact us to get started today!


The experience of wine is very personal to the customer collecting and drinking the wine. We want to make sure your wine storage is very personal and intimate, reflecting the passion that wine brings out in the senses from different regions of the world.

  • Wine Cellars

  • Design and Layout

  • Custom Design

  • Floor Installation

  • Insulation 

  • Commercial Services 

  • Home Services 

  • Temperature Control


Each client offers a different and unique experience, and Fainting Goat Wine Cellars and Designs is able to build you the perfect wine cellar.


We convert any space, or new construction project, using customized options for wine storage with controlled temperature to maintain the quality of your wine.


Our passion is exploring wineries around the world, and discovering new ideas to build into wine cellars that incorporate many unique aspects of the wine culture.


We build customized pieces for cellars, including wine barrel sinks and furniture accessories. We are also able to build you an elegant wine cellar for enjoying casual wine with friends, or hosting an elegant dinner party.


Fainting Goat Wine Cellars and Designs is represented by our two fainting goats, Nilla (brown) and Molly (black and white). These little ladies traveled all the way over from California to Texas. Nilla and Molly fall over very easily, reminding us of how we feel after having some great wine!


We offer a complimentary 1-2 hour in-person consultation to review needs, decide goals, and to answer any questions you might have.

There is a $250.00 design fee to have designs drawn for wine room, including racking and scale specs. This also includes taking measurements for plans on-site, and one redraw with changes.

Each job is a customized project and is subject to a customized bid depending on services selected.

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